Machine translations by Deepl, 6 December 2014: 'State sued for storing private data'

There must be an end to the collection and storage of data on our internet and telephony usage. A number of Dutch organisations are going to file summary proceedings against the Dutch state to get that done.

Our telephony and internet behaviour is now collected and recorded to tackle terrorism and crime when necessary. The European Court of Justice ruled earlier this year that storing this data is a serious invasion of privacy. The Court finds it unclear whether the recording of communication data of everyone is really necessary.

The Dutch government is ignoring the court's opinion and has not yet repealed the Telecommunications Retention Act. That law states that internet providers and telephone companies must keep usage data for six to 12 months. Justice is allowed to see that data if necessary for investigations.

Summary proceedings

The organisations backing the summary proceedings include privacy advocate Privacy First, internet service provider BIT, journalists' association NVJ, the Dutch Publishers Association (public magazines), NDP News Media and the Dutch Association of Criminal Lawyers.

They announced today that they will file the summary proceedings soon. A date has not yet been announced."

Source:, 6 December 2014.