Machine translations by Deepl, 22 January 2016: 'The Hague to introduce license plate parking'

"After Amsterdam, The Hague is also going to introduce license plate parking, the municipality has announced. All parking meters in The Hague will soon require entering the license plate first, followed by the time one wants to park. This means that the parking ticket will disappear.

The owner of the car will receive it by post within a few days. In addition, The Hague will deploy a scan car and a scan scooter for parking control in the second quarter of this year. Cameras and computers will be used to check license plates in the street for paid parking. 48 hours after signing out, the data will be anonymised, the municipality said.

If, when checked, parking is not paid for, a parking ticket follows within a few days in the letterbox of the person in whose name the car is registered. If no payment is made, the registered data will be kept for 13 weeks for any appeal against the parking ticket. (...)


To ensure privacy and protection of personal data, the municipality is drawing up a special protocol. Last year, privacy organisation Privacy First and several citizens won a court case against licence plate parking in Amsterdam. According to privacy advocates, licence plate parking violates the right to privacy in the sense of anonymity in public spaces.

The Amsterdam court subsequently ruled that if a parker does not give a license plate number but can be shown to have paid, no parking fine may be imposed. Also on appeal, the court came to the same conclusion that paid parking tax cannot be levied after the event. (...)"

Source:, 22 January 2016.