Machine translations by Deepl, 7 Jan 2014: 'ID card without fingerprints available in a few weeks'

"In a few weeks, it will become possible to apply for an ID card without having to give fingerprints. So reports the Privacy First foundation. Recently, the Passport Act was amended, meaning fingerprints are no longer required for an ID card.

Although fingerprints are now no longer required when applying for a new ID card, in practice it appears that this change in the law has not yet been implemented at Dutch municipalities. Telephone enquiries by Privacy First to the Ministry of the Interior reveal that ID cards without fingerprints will probably not be available everywhere until later this month and "no later than early February".


According to the ministry, this has to do with the required adjustments to municipal software. "Why these technical adjustments were not prepared and implemented in time is a mystery, as it had already been clear for months that the relevant amendment to the Passport Act would be passed unanimously by the Senate," Privacy First argues.

The unanimous legislative amendment dates from 17 December last year, but has not been published in the Official Gazette to date, blocking its entry into force for the time being. In September 2013, Minister Plasterk had promised the introduction of fingerprint-free ID cards by January 2014.

Privacy First therefore calls on Minister Plasterk to publish the recent change in the law immediately and issue ID cards without fingerprints to citizens from now on. (...)"

Source:, 7 January 2014.