Machine translations by Deepl, 19 Oct 2011: "Anonymous OV-chipkaart not anonymous"

"The anonymous OV-chipkaart is not at all as anonymous as the government would have us believe, according to privacy movement Privacy First. "That card is not anonymous at all. At least, not from the moment you bought it with your debit card. Or from the moment you charged it digitally at a vending machine. Something most people do." The unique identification number of the RFID chip would be linkable to the bank account from that moment.

"This allows the government to track people all day who think they are travelling anonymously." Charging with cash is not a solution either. "Because every time you check in or out at an OV gate, you are filmed by surveillance cameras. So you can still be linked to your OV-chip card."

The privacy movement says it is considering action in the form of a new lawsuit."

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