Machine translations by Deepl, Nov 28, 2012: 'No fingerprinting of biometric conscientious objectors'

"Privacy First Foundation wants the government to hurry up with the introduction of an identity card without fingerprints and an immediate exception for biometric conscientious objectors, for example in the form of a temporary identity card with a shortened validity period. Tomorrow discusses the revision of the Passport Act, which ensures that fingerprints will no longer be stored.

According to the privacy watchdog, it became clear during a court hearing at the Council of State in July that the Dutch state does not have any legal or factual interest in taking fingerprints for Dutch identity cards valid for one year.

"After all, legally such a document is not covered by the European Passport Regulation. Also, de facto biometric error rate of 21-25% and, partly for this reason, the fingerprints stored in the document are not checked or used at all," Privacy First said.

At September the home affairs minister came up with the proposal to amend the Passport Act and stop asking for fingerprint when applying for an identity card.

During the hearing, the national lawyer revealed that the municipal software would not yet be equipped for e.g.. Privacy First now wants to know whether the software has since been adapted and thinks there should be a temporary solution for biometric conscientious objectors."

Source:, 28 November 2012.