Machine translations by Deepl, 5 February 2015: 'Privacy club demands Amsterdam stop license plate parking'

"Privacy organisation Privacy First demands that Amsterdam immediately stop fining parkers who do not want to enter their license plate number when parking. The court recently ruled that people parking in the capital do not have to compulsorily enter their license plates. "To date, however, the municipality of Amsterdam refuses to comply with the ruling," Privacy First said. Parkers who do not enter their license plates continue to receive fines.

The organisation demands that Amsterdam stop this immediately and modify the parking meters so that there is voluntary rather than mandatory license plate registration. Privacy First also demands that the municipality change its parking policy and introduce a privacy-friendly alternative, such as numbered parking using anonymous parking box numbers instead of personal license plates, with anonymous payment options.


Parkers who do receive a parking fine can now easily object to it. The privacy organisation has posted a model objection online (doc/odt). The objection already contains the main objections to ticketing. However, people can change or add to this as they see fit.

Both the Amsterdam municipality and Privacy First are currently still considering a possible appeal against the Amsterdam court's ruling. Indeed, in the ruling, the court did not address the privacy aspects of license plate parking. According to the privacy organisation, every citizen has the right to privacy in the sense of anonymity in public spaces, even when parking their car somewhere."

Source:, 5 February 2015.