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Transfer your donation to IBAN account number NL95ABNA0495527521 t.n.v. Stichting Privacy First in Amsterdam.

Many feel unease about the ongoing invasion of their privacy and want to do something but do not know how or what. Please support Privacy First with advice, action and/or a donation. Then Privacy First Foundation and its volunteers, lawyers, jurists and scientists can continue to work on a privacy-friendly future.

ANBI_logo-round-shadePrivacy First Foundation is recognised by the tax authorities as an Institution for General Benefit (ANBI). In general, you can therefore fully deduct your donation to Privacy First from your taxes. You can check your own situation at the Tax Office at this separate calculation page. There is also a private site on ANBI. The bottom line is that as long as your donations are above 1% and below 10% of your threshold income, all such donations to Privacy First are deductible. All you have to do is actually deduct it and keep the bank transfer. When you transfer your donation to Privacy First, it is advisable to mention the word "donation" while doing so so that there can never be any ambiguity at the Tax Office. If desired, Privacy First can send you an invoice in advance for your donation, with an amount of your choice. To this end, please contact with us.

Would you prefer to donate anonymously? You can do so recently via the donation module of the GeefGratis Foundation:

The point is to be effective. The Privacy First Foundation therefore conducts court cases and legal procedures through which a law can be corrected that sends society in the wrong direction. In addition, we sometimes conduct awareness campaigns such as the successful MunicipalityGuaranteeBrief, the campaign and our action against license plate parking. Naturally, we cooperate with other privacy organisations, lawyers, academics, human rights organisations and individuals whenever possible.

Litigation is so expensive that the government basically feels free as a bird to curtail your freedoms indefinitely, because what citizen can wait 5 years and cough up €100,000 for a trial? On top of that, in a trial, the government can spend unlimited amounts of money, namely YOUR tax money. By financially supporting Privacy First, we can pursue class action lawsuits that apply to all citizens.

If you do nothing now, we will all be screwed in five years' time. It is as simple as that. In the press, on our website and in our annual reports you can read how fast it all goes.

Pay your financial contribution directly without having to fill in a form to IBAN account number NL95ABNA0495527521 t.n.v. Stichting Privacy First in Amsterdam (BIC: ABNANL2A.) Or make your contribution below via the familiar environment of your own bank, via iDEAL.


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