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Telecompaper, 12 January 2015: 'Summary court case against Data Retention Act on 18 February'

"The summary proceedings announced in December against the State on the Compulsory Telecommunications Retention Act will take place on 18 February 2015, at 11.00 am at the District Court of The Hague. This is announced by BIT, which launched the summary proceedings in December. According to BIT, internet service providers and telecom providers are in a fix because they are forced by Dutch law to retain data while doing so violates customers' privacy rights.
In the summary proceedings, a broad coalition of organisations and companies is demanding that the law be set aside. The plaintiffs are privacy advocate Privacy First, the Dutch Association of Criminal Lawyers, the Dutch Association of Journalists, the Dutch Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, internet provider BIT and telecom providers Voys and SpeakUp. The proceedings will be conducted by Boekx Lawyers in Amsterdam."

Source:–1059002, 12 January 2015.