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Telegraph, 13 May 2015: 'Trajectory control by the book'

"According to the judge, the section control on the A2 between Utrecht and Amsterdam does indeed infringe on privacy in a minor way. However, he allows it because the data is deleted within 72 hours if you have not been speeding. A speeding driver had objected because he felt his privacy had been violated, but he simply has to pay his fine. The district judge ruled yesterday that the cameras are there by the book and comply with all legal rules.

In addition, motorists are warned of the cameras with signs.

Foundation president Filippini Privacy First provoked the ruling by pressing the accelerator. According to him, the system does violate the privacy of motorists who keep neatly to the speed limit. (...) The ruling has no impact on other route controls."

Source: Telegraph 13 May 2015, p. 19.