Machine translations by Deepl, 18 March 2013: 'Police deploy 'secret' drones'

Police are increasingly using drones in secret. The unmanned aerial vehicles are used to track burglars, follow getaway cars and track cannabis growers. There are privacy concerns in the Lower House.

The AD reports on Monday. Data from the ministries of Infrastructure and the Environment, the Interior and Security and Justice show that drones have flown out in at least 40 places in the Netherlands. Since 2009, this happened on at least 132 different days. According to the AD, the number of flights is increasing.

Privacy First Foundation speaks of illegal operations because flights are not disclosed. The D66 parliamentary group demands clarification.

Drones are actually weapons of war but the type the police use is unarmed. It does take camera and thermal images."

Source:, 18 March 2013.