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Volkskrant, 2 Feb 2011: 'Fingerprint case: Privacy First inadmissible'

"In the case of Privacy First and 21 co-plaintiffs against the Dutch state over the storage of fingerprints, the plaintiffs have been declared inadmissible by the judge in The Hague. The judge's main argument is that citizens themselves can go to court over objections to the central storage of biometric data like the fingerprint in passports. Privacy First does not represent its own interest in this case, but that of everyone aged 12 and above who applies, or can apply, for a passport, the judge said.
Privacy First and the other parties brought the case against the State of the Netherlands over an amendment to the passport law. That amendment allows the fingerprints taken from every Dutch citizen applying for a passport to be stored in a central database. The plaintiffs think this goes too far, and fear that citizens' privacy will be at stake, as the database could be hacked, or used for investigation purposes. (...)"

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