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Winners IIR National Privacy Innovation Awards 2016

The IIR National Privacy Innovation Awards were presented today during the National Data Protection & Privacy Congress.

National Privacy Innovation Awards

The annual IIR National Privacy Innovation Awards were presented for the 2nd time today and show a clear growth in the number of entries. The Awards are a fine collaboration between popular conference organisation IIR and the Privacy First Foundation, aimed at companies and organisations that stand out positively in sustainable privacy policies and privacy-friendly products and services. This is in line with Privacy First's mission: the Netherlands Privacy Guideland.

Winners National Privacy Innovation Awards 2016

From all applications, two nominees per category were chosen from which one winner was selected:

Category Business Solutions:

1. TomTom Fleet Management OptiDrive 360, the privacy-friendly solution for fleets:

2. Pseudonymise, for pseudonymisation and anonymisation of personal data:  

Consumer Solutions category:  

1. Qiy with the ID cover For identity documents:

2. Ydenti (CDDN), a privacy platform for consumers and their personal data (under development).

Government services category:

- No entries.

Start-ups category (incentive prize):

1. Zivver with anonymous communication services for consumers and businesses:

2. Soverin with anonymous internet services:

Zivver In addition, the Audience Award on hold!

Winners IIR National Privacy Innovation Awards 2016

From left to right: Paul Korremans (jury), John Borking (jury), winners Maarten Louman of Qiy, Simon Hania of TomTom, Rick Goud of Zivver and Bas Filippini (jury). Photo: IIR

Privacy market developing strongly

Interestingly, a new market is emerging in recent years in the field of privacy within organisations and privacy-oriented solutions. On the one hand, this is prompted by the new European privacy legislation and, on the other, by the huge concentration of data at some large commercial parties and governments. The many data leaks, hacks and deliberate misuse of data by secret services brought out by Snowden are slowly but surely strengthening privacy awareness among citizens. Where the industrial revolution caused environmental pollution, with the information revolution it is privacy and freedom pollution.

Some of the areas targeted by submitters are:

- Technical and procedural security solutions prompted by legislation and technical encryption options;
- Services aimed at pseudonymising and anonymising personal data and data;
- Services focused on anonymous communication (document sharing, chat, mail and surfing) and anonymous mobility (anonymous cards etc);
- Services where users can take their own responsibility in handling, managing and possibly commoditising their personal data from an in-house or third-party data vault;
- Practical solutions aimed at preventing identity fraud.

Independent jury

The Awards are awarded by an independent panel of privacy professionals who nominate entrants based on a set of stringent criteria. Winners are then selected through company visits and research questions.

The jury consists of the following people:

- Drs L.T.C. Filippini, chairman Privacy First Foundation (jury chairman)
- Dr John Borking, Of Counsel, CMS, member of Advisory Board of EuroPriSe GmbH
- Paul Korremans, MBA, Data Protection & Security Professional, Comfort Information Architects
- Dr Jaap Henk Hoepman, Scientific Director, Privacy & Identity Lab.

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