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Zembla on harmful radiation from mobile phones

The right to privacy also includes the right to bodily integrity. Privacy First is committed to both rights. The right to health is related to this.

This week, Zembla aired an excellent report on harmful (possibly carcinogenic) radiation from mobile phones. This is something Privacy First has been warning about for years; see, for example, our posts (1), (2) and (3) from 2009 and 2010. Until this week, however, the subject seemed taboo. With the broadcast of Zembla, it is finally becoming mainstream and therefore widely discussed. The same should also apply to other sources of radiation, including DECT phones and UMTS transmission masts. And what about depleted uranium and toxic nanoparticles in the atmosphere (in war zones), "non-lethal" police weapons, body scans at airports, chemicals in our food, risks of certain vaccinations, etc.? All topics that have been underexposed for far too long. In this respect, the investigative report below by Zembla hopefully heralds the beginning of a Journalistic Spring. Read more about this report HERE on Zembla's website.