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Lawyer magazine, August 2014: 'Typical Opstelten'

The Lawyer's Journal requested Privacy First to comment on our tweet following a news release:

"The headline: 'GroenLinks: curbing legality principle 'bad idea''". Typical Opstelten! We did not expect anything else from a minister who has proven for years that he does not take the principles of our constitutional state too closely, witness for instance his proposals to store all of the Netherlands' driving for four weeks in a police database (ANPR), to be able to hack everyone's computer, to introduce unbridled camera surveillance and to give every police officer a Taser-gun. His proposal to shake up the entire principle of legality now fits neatly into that list.
Vincent Böhre (director of operations, Privacy First, Amsterdam)

Source: Lawyer's Journal No 8, August 2014, Interaction section, p. 3.