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ANP, 20 April 2011: 'WOB proceedings over passport'

"Privacy First, a foundation concerned with personal freedom, wants the bottom line on how the new passport came about. It is therefore instituting so-called WOB proceedings, cases under the Open Government Act.

This was revealed by director Vincent Böhre on Wednesday afternoon. He was present at a roundtable discussion on the pass, from which it emerged that the responsible agency BPR did not tolerate criticism of the plans for the passport.

Böhre says hardly anyone knows what has been going on at the said "bastion" in recent years and that even the Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) could not get enough of a finger on it. He also bristles at the fact that Interior Minister Piet Hein Donner did not allow BPR officials to join the conversation."

(Source: Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau, 20 April 2011, 5.10pm)