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Automation Guide, 3 Dec 2010: 'Fingerprint database under fire'

"(...) Last Monday, a civil case by the Privacy First Foundation and 22 co-claimants against biometrics provisions in the new Passport Act started before the Hague court. The plaintiffs see their views confirmed in the [recent WRR study by Vincent Böhre]. Following that study, the PvdA parliamentary group raised questions about the online consultable travel document administration (ORRA), as the central database is called. Minister Donner (home affairs) subsequently announced that he was looking into the matter 'in order to reach a judgement on how ORRA could take shape'. The VVD group ('progressive insight') wants to put the database up for discussion again and is seeking a parliamentary majority for that endeavour. So the arrival of the central fingerprint database is far from certain."

Source: Peter Mom, Fingerprint database under fire: opposition to 'human rights violation' grows, Automation Guide No 48, 3 December 2010.