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BNR News Radio, 28 January 2015: Privacy First reaction to European Commission PNR plans

For years, the European Commission has been trying in vain to establish a measure to introduce which will make every European air passenger a priori considered a potential terrorist: in the so-called PNR proposal (Passenger Name Records) will miscellaneous personal data of millions of European air passengers will be shared en masse with secret services. In recent years, this proposal by the Commission has repeatedly foundered on privacy concerns, and rightly so: in a democratic state based on freedom under the rule of law, the government should leave innocent citizens alone as much as possible and not store everyone as a potential terrorist in a central database. After the Paris attack, the European Commission is now doing another attempt to still get this draconian proposal passed. On BNR News Radio, Privacy First was asked for a reaction. Listen to the entire clip below, including reactions from listeners: