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BNR News Radio, 7 April 2016: interview with Privacy First on 'Panama Papers'

BNR: "The names of individuals in the Panama Papers should not be made public. That is what privacy organisation Privacy First says. It would do too much damage.

In a few weeks, the consortium of investigative journalists ICIJ will put the data online. As a result, hundreds of tax-dodging Dutch people may be unjustly pilloried, Privacy First fears.

According to Bas Filippini, president of Privacy First, a large proportion of people have not done anything illegal, but they are going to be greatly harmed if they are put down like this. They will be criminalised, according to him. Found guilty before any investigation is done at all. "We don't even do that to real criminals. While this is an industry that is legal. "

In Filippini's view, it is up to the government and judiciary to investigate or check the people on the list, not investigative journalists. "That people use these structures for money laundering and other illegal business is clear. But now suggestion is being made that people featured in the Panama Papers are using a construction that is not legal.""

Source:, 7 April 2016. Audio: click HERE or Listen to the full interview with Privacy First chairman Bas Filippini below: