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Correct information SPD

There are misunderstandings about Elktronic Patient Files.
Freebit pointed out some confusion of speech and the correct information.

The following is a summary of the official information for reference and to avoid speech confusion.

  • SPD stands for Electronic Patient File.
  • The EHR is part of something that will eventually be called "Electronic Healthcare Information Exchange". People also refer to it as "electronic patient data exchange system".
  • There is no separate law on the SPD.
  • The SPD will be introduced through Bill 31.446, which has already been passed by the House of Representatives in amended form (31.466.A) on 19 February 2009. Click here for the text .
  • In preparation for the central or national introduction of the SPD, the link to the BSN was already silently introduced on 1 June 2009 through the Law on Use of Citizen Service Number in Healthcare dated 10 April 2008 and published in the Official Gazette on 20 May 2008. Here is the text.
  • On 9 December 2009, at the request of the 'Permanent Committee on Health, Welfare and Sport/Youth and Family' an expert meeting took place. A thick report of this was published as of 8 February 2010. Click here for its text.
  • The minister's status and notes are here found on the site of the Senate.
  • On 13 April 2010 planned That the aforementioned Committee the report of the expert meeting 'brings in', i.e. presents to the Senate.

More factual information will appear on this page as soon as it is known to us or reported to us and we have determined that it is correct or has been made public in an official publication.