Machine translations by Deepl, February 5, 2015: 'Action against license plate parking'

Privacy First foundation calls for national objection to license plate parking

Following the Amsterdam court ruling which held that parkers should not be fined if they refuse to enter their license plate number when parking, Privacy First says it receives daily enquiries from citizens about unjustified parking fines. To address this, Privacy First is putting a new model objection against ticketing parking online from today.

As far as Privacy First is concerned, the ruling comes down to voluntary rather than mandatory license plate parking. This ruling is important not only for the municipality of Amsterdam, but for all Dutch municipalities that have introduced or are currently planning to introduce ticketing.

For the time being, however, the municipality of Amsterdam is not complying with the court ruling: it continues to fine parkers who do not want to enter a license plate. Privacy First demands that the municipality stop this immediately and adjust the parking meters. In addition, Privacy First demands that the municipality change its parking policy and introduce a privacy-friendly alternative, such as numbered parking using anonymous parking box numbers instead of personal license plates, with anonymous payment options.

Parkers who nevertheless (have) received a parking fine can from now on easily object to it. Indeed, in accordance with the court ruling, all fines for failure to enter a license plate number will have to be quashed. Fines already paid will have to be refunded by the municipality.

To help citizens in this, the foundation is posting a special model objection notice online. The notice of objection already contains the main objections to license plate parking. It can be used by anyone in the Netherlands, including municipalities other than the capital.

Both the Amsterdam municipality and Privacy First are currently still considering a possible appeal against the Amsterdam court's verdict."

Source:, 5 February 2015.