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Gooi- en Eemlander, 20 February 2015: 'VVV BN'ers tour advertisement bizarre'

Privacy First Foundation staggered over Facebook post 

Privacy First Foundation finds it incomprehensible that VVV Gooi and Vechtstreek is advertising a bus tour of villas of Dutch celebrities in the Gooi region. "Even BN'ers have a right to privacy just like any other citizen," said Vincent Böhre of the foundation in Amsterdam. The VVV posted a message on Facebook touting the infamous BN Tours. With the text 'What does Gordon eat on bread, what does Cheryl Morero smear in d'r blonde hair? What time does Marco Borsato take his kids to school or how long does Willeke Alberti spend on the cross-trainer?", the tourist office wanted to lure as many passengers as possible onto the bus.

For BN'ers like Babette van Veen from Soest and Pauline Huizinga from Blaricum, the VVV action went down the wrong way. "Are you not all right at the VVV?" tweeted Herman van Veen's daughter. ,,Zeg VVV Gooi en Vecht zijn jullie soms helemaal de weg verloren?", foeterd also former model and presenter Huizinga.


Privacy First Foundation calls the VVV's touting of BN Tours "reprehensible". ,,An independent organisation that receives a subsidy promotes violating privacy. Then you are doing wrong. What time someone picks up their children from school is nobody's business. I would like to have a debate on this as a municipality," said Böhre. ,,Right to privacy does not only apply vertically between government and citizens. But also applies horizontally between citizens and between companies."

Böhre does see 'a paradox'. ,,BN'ers also cooperate with tabloids and derive status from publicity. Their lives largely take place in the public domain. But they have a right to privacy and a family life. And children have not asked for their father or mother to be known. Those should be left alone. The same goes for partners."


Alarmed by the negative reactions, VVV Gooi and Vechtstreek removed the post from Facebook. "We regret the tone of voice. The choice of words was wrong," said spokeswoman Milou Aarts."

Source: Gooi- en Eemlander 20 February 2015, Gooi and Vecht section, p. 1. Also published at