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Humanist Alliance website, 3 Feb 2011: 'Central storage of biometrics under increasing pressure'

"The central storage of biometric data is unlawful. With this demand, Privacy First and 21 other plaintiffs stepped to the court in The Hague. Yesterday, however, the court declared the plaintiffs inadmissible. Still, Vincent Böhre of the civil rights organisation expects that central storage will not happen. Because a parliamentary majority is also against it.

Böhre marvels at the verdict. 'It is an incomprehensible verdict. We cannot escape the impression that the court wanted to get rid of this case quickly.'

The court justified the ruling by saying that the Privacy First Foundation has no interest of its own. And that for the other claimants, legal recourse to the administrative courts is open. Citizens themselves can go to court if they feel their freedom has been affected by the storage of their biometric data in a central database.

Böhre: 'This is strange, because idealistic foundations are constantly taking the matter to the civil courts. We as Privacy First are still considering further steps.' (...)"

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