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National Privacy Conference 2021

For the fourth time, ECP | Platform for the Information Society and Privacy First will organise the annual National Privacy Conference.

28 January is European Privacy Day, the day the European data protection treaty was signed in 1981. Privacy Day was created to better inform citizens about their rights. It also encourages companies and organisations to improve the protection of personal data. This edition will take place online and is dedicated to privacy in corona time.

The programme consists of three blocks, each with a different sub-theme:

  • home working and privacy;
  • technology in the fight against corona;
  • Debate on digitisation issues in corona time.

Speakers include Monique Verdier (vice-president of the Dutch Personal Data Authority), Secretary-General Erik Gerritsen (VWS), Ancilla van de Leest (chair of Privacy First), Chris van Dam (CDA MP), Evelyn Austin (director of Bits of Freedom), Paul Tang (PvdA MEP), Mieke van Heesewijk (SIDN fund) and Peter Verkoulen (coalition manager Dutch Blockchain Coalition).

Also during this conference, the presentation of the annual Dutch Privacy Awards place. All nominated projects will be presented to the public by the entrants. The Dutch Privacy Awards will then be presented in four categories: 1) Consumer Solutions, 2) Business Solutions, 3) Government Services and 4) Incentive Award.


Part 1 - thomework and privacy  

13:00 Welcome by chairman of the day Tom Jessen
13:05 Monique Verdier - vice-president, Personal Data Authority
13:15 Pitch nominees Privacy Awards - Schluss
13:20 Judith van Schie - Considerati
1.30pm Pitch nominees Privacy Awards - Roseman Labs + NL Digital
13:45 Completion

Part 2 - using technology to fight corona

2pm Welcome by Tom Jessen
2.05pm Pitch nominees Privacy Awards - CoronaMelder
2.05pm Erik Gerritsen, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport
2.15pm Mieke van Heesewijk - SIDN fund
2.25pm uNLock app - Peter Verkoulen, Dutch Blockchain Coalition
2.35pm Discussion
2.45pm Completion

Part 3 - debate on privacy in corona time + presentation of Privacy Awards

3pm Welcome by Tom Jessen
15:05 Pitch nominees Privacy Awards - Ma3tch
3.10pm An international perspective of the corona crisis - MEP Paul Tang (PvdA)
3.20pm Pitches nominees Privacy Awards - Nkey, STER, Simple Analytics and 4Med Box
3.35pm Debate - Ancilla van de Leest (chairman Privacy First), Chris van Dam (CDA MP), Evelyn Austin (director Bits of Freedom), Monique Verdier (Personal Data Authority), Paul Tang (MEP) and Judtih van Schie (Considerati).
16:00 Presentation of Dutch Privacy Awards by jury chairman Wilmar Hendriks
16:30 Completion

You can register via

Normally, ECP and Privacy First organise this conference annually for a relatively select audience from our networks and supporters (maximum 200 people in Nieuwspoort, The Hague). Due to coronagraphs, we have decided to organise the event this time largely online and thus for a wider audience.

The Dutch Privacy Awards are supported by Democracy & Media Foundation and The Privacy Factory.

National Privacy Conference 2021

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