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National Privacy Conference 2024

For the seventh consecutive time, ECP and Privacy First are organising the National Privacy Conference on Wednesday 24 January 2024. This is the annual Dutch privacy event around the European Privacy Day. During the conference, Privacy First will also present the annual Dutch Privacy Awards.

Dutch Privacy Award
Dutch Privacy Award

Purpose of the National Privacy Conference and the Dutch Privacy Awards is to jointly build a privacy-friendly information society with business, government and science. The overarching theme of the National Privacy Conference this time is Education & Privacy. The conference will take place at the Glazen Zaal in The Hague.

Nowadays, almost everything in education happens digitally. Teaching materials are offered digitally, digital testing programmes are used, pupils' developments are listed in a pupil monitoring system and communication is digital. Excessive data collection and data misuse lurk in the process. To provide a safe and reliable learning environment, educational institutions are responsible for handling the data they process carefully and securely. This is particularly important because education also processes data of minors who are especially vulnerable.

Do educational institutions adequately address the importance of data protection and data minimisation? What are the risks of Big Tech and AI in education? Are there privacy-friendly alternatives? How can privacy in education be better ensured?

These and other issues are discussed by... José van Dijck (Professor of Media and Digital Society, Utrecht University), Larissa Zegveld (director-director Kennisnet Foundation), Sabrina van Miltenburg (Digital Safe Education programme manager, Kennisnet Foundation), Sjoera Nas (senior privacy expert, Privacy Company) and Katja Mur (board member Personal Data Authority), all led by chairman of the day Tom Jessen.


9.30u - Walk-in

10.00u - Welcome and introduction
Chairman of the day Tom Jessen and Marjolijn Bonthuis - Programme Director Digital Security & Trust - ECP | Platform for the Information Society

10.05u - In conversation with board members Paul Korremans and Sander Klous of Privacy First

10.15u - Tom Jessen in conversation on privacy & education with Katja Mur - Board member - Personal Data Authority

10.30u - Video pitches nominees Dutch Privacy Awards

10.35u - Using Big Tech in education
Sjoera Nas - Senior privacy advisor - Privacy Company

11.05u - Public values in a digitising sector: higher education and research
José van Dijck - University professor of media and digital society - Utrecht University

11.20u - Q&A with Sjoera Nas and José van Dijck

11.40u - Video pitches nominees Dutch Privacy Awards

11.45u - Digital Safe Education: the practice of Foundation Education (PO & VO)
Larissa Zegveld - Managing director - Kennisnet Foundation and chair of Standardisation Forum
Sabrina van Miltenburg - Programme manager Digital and Safe Education - Kennisnet Foundation

12.25u - Video pitches nominees Dutch Privacy Awards

12.30u - Presentation of Dutch Privacy Awards by Privacy First Foundation

13.00u - Networking lunch

Date: Wednesday 24 January 2024, 10am-2pm.
Location: The Glass Room (The Hague).
Sign up: via the ECP website.

Privacy First Foundation organises the Dutch Privacy Awards in association with ECP | Platform for the Information Society, with support from Molenaar & Plasman Solutions. Would you also like to become a sponsor or media partner of the Dutch Privacy Awards? Then contact Privacy First!