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Dutch Legal Daily, 7 Feb 2011: 'Privacy First Foundation and plaintiffs inadmissible in privacy case Passport Act'

"The plaintiffs were declared inadmissible in their claims because for the 22 natural persons, recourse to the administrative courts is open and the Privacy First foundation does not have an interest of its own but its interest stems from the pooling of the interests of all Dutch citizens over the age of 12 and above who apply for a travel document and for whom recourse to the administrative courts is open.
Privacy First speaks of a "legally incomprehensible motivation" and "cannot therefore escape the impression that the court's main concern was to get rid of this case quickly".

More substantively, the foundation writes on its site: 'right all have an interest in this case', as citizens can thus not (directly) object to the storage of their fingerprints under administrative law. Privacy First is considering what civil follow-up steps to take."

Read HERE the entire article in the Dutch Legal Daily.