Machine translations by Deepl, 23 April 2014: 'Hilarity at Twitter questioning AIVD'

"During the AIVD's Twitter Question Hour, questions to the intelligence service were asked en masse. Between 2pm and 3pm, people could submit questions to the service via Twitter.

"Funny that the AIVD does not follow anyone via its Twitter account," notes (...) a little later. That has a reason, the security service replies. "We don't follow anyone on Twitter because some people get quite spooked when we start following them."

Besides the jokes, there are also serious questions. For example, from (...), who wants to see his AIVD file. "If you think you have been the subject of investigation, you can submit a request for inspection," the service tweeted back.

(...) asks, "Have you ever heard of privacy?" The AIVD formally replies, "Security and privacy have to be balanced."

At 3pm, question time is over. The service thanks the questioners for their interest and hilarity. Privacy First, a foundation dedicated to the right to privacy is less enthusiastic. "Nice PR action, but the real questions remain unanswered."

Source:, 23 April 2014.