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NRC Handelsblad, 20 April 2011: 'D66 and SP want investigation into biometric passport'

"D66 and the SP want an integrity investigation into the Basic Records and Travel Documents Agency (BPR) that is working on the introduction of the biometric passport.

The trigger for this investigation is the statement of two experts, who claim that the BPR is working against them because they criticise the biometric passport too much. World Broadcasting reports that.
At the roundtable discussion, initiated by D66 MP Gerard Schouw, more experts were present who expressed reservations about the biometric passport. For instance, identity verification based on fingerprints would not be foolproof.

Next week, Schouw will talk to Interior Minister Piet Hein Donner about the biometric passport. Schouw expressed his demand for an integrity investigation. In this, he is supported by SP MP Ronald van Raak.

The Privacy First foundation does not want to wait for the integrity investigation and is going to court and wants to get all the facts on the table through a WOB request, the Public Access Act."

Read HERE the entire article in NRC Handelsblad.