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Privacy First annual report 2018

Hereby, Privacy First Foundation is pleased to publish its annual report 2018: click HEREpdf to download the pdf version. This annual report is also accompanied by our 2018 financial statements (pdf, already published in April 2019). In our annual report, you can read all about our main activities in 2018 (and partly already 2019), including our Dutch Privacy Awards, our campaign around the referendum against the Sleep Act, our litigation, our lobbying, our events and projects.

Privacy First has had another positive and turbulent year. As a result, the publication of this annual report has been delayed, but is always topical. Despite the arrival of the European privacy law AVG, the right to privacy in the Netherlands is still under enormous pressure. A powerful organisation like Privacy First therefore remains crucial, and your support as a sponsor or donor is and remains indispensable. Click HERE To become a donor to Privacy First!