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Privacy First picks privacy-friendly provider Greenhost

As an organisation that values privacy, privacy-friendly hosting of our website is naturally appropriate. So Privacy First's websites ( and since this month on the servers of Greenhost in Amsterdam. This was preceded by a thorough exploration of foreign options, ranging from hosting from a nuclear bunker in Sweden to VPN tunnels to Switzerland and an old fortress in the North Sea. However, Greenhost left this foreign competition far behind through its demonstrated customer-friendliness and quick response, sustainability and low costs for reliable, secure hosting using Privacy by design. Even the physical location is a plus: Greenhost is based in Amsterdam a stone's throw from Privacy First. In addition, Greenhost has been a trusted partner of many a civil society organisation for years, including Bits of Freedom. But what was decisive for Privacy First is that Greenhost has for years shown itself to be a privacy pioneer that many an ICT company could take an example from, even against the political frenzy of the day. Thus Greenhost stopped logging email data in 2009 and called on other companies to do the same. Greenhost also wrote a practical guide to securing internet traffic in early 2011: the Basic Internet Security Manual. These initiatives show not only guts and leadership, but also socially responsible entrepreneurship in the sense of privacy-friendly entrepreneurship. In this sense, Greenhost and Privacy First have a shared vision of society. Privacy First therefore looks forward to working with Greenhost in the coming years with confidence!