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Privacy First launches PSD2 Privacy Panel

Since this week, PSD2 has been in force in the Netherlands: the new European banking law that, among other things, allows bank data to be processed by other parties. This poses major privacy risks.

PSD2 in force in the Netherlands

On 7 January, Privacy First was therefore Table guest on television programme Radar and saw nearly 1.3 million viewers that Privacy First is a serious player in the debate over PSD2 and privacy. How much information is hidden in ten years of account information do you think? Income, expenses, memberships, donations, locations? And what profile does a credit rating agency create when looking at overdrafts, relationships and online purchases? How many parties will all that data soon be in the hands of?

Express consent asks too much of consumers

Data transfer from bank to another financial services provider (fintech) may only happen with your explicit consent and within the framework of the law, but it is not for nothing that Privacy First is working on this file!

Together with the Volksbank, Payments Association of the Netherlands and other parties we have been putting ourselves in favour of better information and transparency. The voice of businesses is heard, that of consumers and critical privacy thinkers hardly at all. Research by De Nederlandse Bank (DNB) shows that 94 per cent of consumers have not yet heard of PSD2 and are generally reluctant to give a third party access to their account. And that while the first licence applications from account information service providers are already with DNB.

Join our PSD2 Privacy Panel 

Privacy First is committed to making your own choices in a free environment. That is why we invite you to participate in our new PSD2 Privacy Panel. We want to inform panelists over the coming period and ask them to think with us about privacy risks. Will you participate? If you sign up, you can make a valuable contribution to various PSD2 and privacy topics. Moreover: your participation strengthens Privacy First's message!

You can register via this link sign up for the PSD2 Privacy Panel. You will receive a welcome e-mail and after that some informative e-mails about PSD2 and privacy risks. We will then ask your opinion in a number of surveys. Later this year, we will organise a meeting on this highly relevant topic.

We want your opinion, not your privacy.

We value your privacy. Therefore, we have taken a number of measures so that you can participate as anonymously as possible. Preferably, you register with an e-mail address without any traceable name, organisation or company in it. The mailings are done with LaPosta, a Dutch company that has been serious about privacy and information security for years. We have set up the environment so that we cannot track your behaviour. And of course you can unsubscribe at any time.

Are you participating?

Privacy First is committed to protecting privacy. Significant improvements can still be made around PSD2. You can contribute in a simple way. Moreover, you will be informed about this important law, which could dramatically change payment transactions. So join the PSD2 Privacy Panel.

Thanks in advance!