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Registration Dutch Privacy Awards 2023 open!

On 25 January 2023 (ahead of European Privacy Day), the Privacy First Foundation will once again host the annual Dutch Privacy Awards awarded!

Dutch Privacy Award
Dutch Privacy Award

There are four categories for which entries can be nominated:

  1. category Consumer solutions (from businesses for consumers)
  2. category Business solutions (within a company or business-to-business)
  3. category Non-profit (government, healthcare and education)
  4. Incentive Award for a pioneering technology, initiative or person.

Behind the scenes, the judges are already preparing for the new edition of the Privacy Awards. We see that people are becoming increasingly aware of their privacy in the digital world. The biggest challenge is getting a grip on the use of your digital data. We have lost that grip to Big Tech along the way. A bit of a feeling of 'we stood there and we watched it'. To get the grip back, we need to join forces. This year, for instance, the Privacy Coalition arise. It is also increasingly on the political agenda. And we try to make a modest contribution to this with the Privacy Awards by highlighting privacy-friendly initiatives. We are extremely eager to see the new entries. Bring it on!", said Magdalena Magala, chairman of the jury.

The conditions for participation you will find here.

Determining the nominees

All entrants can apply until 30 November 2022 apply for the Awards by sending an email with a brief explanation about the relevant Privacy Project and answer to the criteria to Privacy First at Mid December 2022 you will hear whether or not you are among the nominees. If you are nominated, you will receive an invitation from Privacy First to prepare a short pitch during the Awards ceremony.

Don't want to nominate your own organisation but know someone else who you think is eligible for a Dutch Privacy Award? Tip us via ! This can be done until 30 November 2022.

Rules pitch

● Maximum 3 minutes

● You will use a Powerpoint presentation (up to 3 sheets)

● The presentation will include at least the following items:

   o Organisation name

   o Privacy project description

   o Target and results achieved.

Jury Dutch Privacy Awards

The Awards jury consists of independent privacy experts from various sectors:

> Magdalena Magala, Specialist AVG coordinator, Tax Office (jury chairman)
> Paul Korremans, chairman Privacy First
> Nico Mookhoek, privacy lawyer and founder DePrivacyGuru
> Rion Rijker, privacy and information security expert and IT lawyer, partner Fresa Consulting
> Mathieu Paapst, associate professor of IT law at the University of Groningen and project lead
> Jaap van der Wel, IT expert and privacy lawyer, managing partner Comfort Information Architects
> Erik Bruinsma, lawyer; director of strategy and management consultancy, Central Bureau of Statistics
> Mabel de Vries, Data Protection Officer and senior advisor information security, risk and privacy
> Walter van Wijk, Community manager privacy, Centre for Information Security and Privacy Protection.

To ensure that the election of the Awards is conducted objectively, a juror is precluded from judging an entry from their own organisation or an organisation in which a juror has an interest.

Privacy First organises the Dutch Privacy Awards In cooperation with ECP.

Would you like to become a (media) partner or sponsor of the Dutch Privacy Awards? Then please contact on with Privacy First!