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RTV Utrecht, 20 April 2011: 'More opponents fingerprint storage'

"More and more parties in the House of Representatives do not like the central storage of fingerprints and the agency that is supposed to store the fingerprints has been discredited. This emerged on Wednesday in a consultation on biometric data in passports.

During the consultation, it emerged that the Basic Records and Travel Documents Agency (BPR) had denied access to two researchers from the state and TNO for being too critical about the applicability of biometrics.

Utrecht city council had earlier called on the House of Representatives to abandon central storage. Many other municipalities joined that call.

Councillors consider the storage of fingerprints in a database a major invasion of privacy. The politicians also question its usefulness and have serious concerns about the security of the storage.

Parliamentarians from D66 and SP now want an investigation into the applicability of fingerprints. The Privacy First foundation is not waiting for that investigation and wants to go to court to get to the bottom of it."

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