Machine translations by Deepl, 28 Sept 2012: 'No more fingerprint for identity card'

"Anyone applying for an identity card will soon no longer have to provide their fingerprint, according to an amendment to the Passport Act approved by the Council of State Ministers at the proposal of Interior Minister Spies. The identity card is no longer considered a travel document in the Passport Act.

This eliminates the need to comply with the European regulation requiring fingerprints to be included in a travel document. Incidentally, it will still be possible to travel to the same countries with the identity card, as a document for crossing borders, as is currently the case. The validity of the identity card will be extended to 10 years.

The council of ministers has agreed to submit the proposal to amend the Passport Act and the advice of the Council of State to the House of Representatives. Privacy First Foundation calls on the Dutch parliament to adopt the bill abolishing fingerprints in ID cards as soon as possible.

"In anticipation of the expected adoption of the bill, fingerprinting for identity cards should be stopped immediately or at least, as a temporary solution, be made voluntary," the foundation informed."

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