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Telegraph, 18 February 2015: 'Criminal has free rein without storing call data'

"The detection of criminals and terrorists will be jeopardised if telecom and phone companies do not have to store users' calling and internet behaviour. This is what police and prosecutors fear if they are no longer allowed to use stored telecommunications data in their investigations because of privacy laws.
Today, a summary proceedings against the Dutch state are to be held in The Hague, where a broad coalition of organisations and companies (including Privacy First, the Dutch Association of Criminal Law Lawyers and the Dutch Association of Journalists) is demanding that the Telecommunications Retention Obligation Act be rendered inoperative, as it violates fundamental fundamental rights protecting private life, communications and personal data.
Police and judiciary say data will only be requested if there is a good reason. (...)"

Source: Telegraph 18 February 2015, p. 10.