Machine translations by Deepl

Various regional newspapers, 5 Jan 2012: 'Digital control along border delayed'

"The introduction of a new camera system at Dutch border crossings has been delayed. The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee's detection system, known as @migo-boras, was supposed to digitally record the number plates of passing cars this year. The system is now likely to be introduced only from this summer. Minister Leers writes this in a letter. Leers further promises that the new cameras will be used for a maximum of six hours a day and 90 hours a month. Reports indicate that the detection system was originally designed to continuously record passing vehicles. "The government is backtracking," judges human rights lawyer Vincent Böhre. "The minister is afraid of being knocked back by the European Commission."

Sources: BN/DeStem, Brabants Dagblad, Twentse Courant Tubantia & Eindhovens Dagblad 5 January 2012, inland section.