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Winners Dutch Privacy Awards 2018 announced

IRMA and Referendum students win Dutch Privacy Awards 

At the National Privacy Conference of Privacy First and ECP, the very first Dutch Privacy Awards were presented today. These Awards provide a podium for companies and governments that see privacy as an opportunity to distinguish themselves positively and make privacy-friendly business and innovation the norm. Big winner of the 2018 Dutch Privacy Awards is IRMA (I Reveal my Attributes). In addition, the students behind the Sleepwet referendum received the Encouragement Award.

Winner: IRMA (I Reveal my Attributes)

IRMA (I Reveal My Attributes) is a state-of-the-art open source identity platform in which users can authenticate through an app based on one or more attributes from their different roles (contextual authentication). This authentication is non-identifying: by using a 1-to-1 relationship between user and service provider, so-called "brokers" are no longer needed and the user can use services anonymously, without a password and with a minimum of required characteristics ("attributes").

The system was developed by the Digital Security research group at Radboud University Nijmegen. Since late 2016, IRMA has been hosted by the independent Privacy by Design Foundation.

The Awards jury praised the development of IRMA from academia as a general-purpose privacy by design application for both the private and public sectors. As a means for privacy-friendly authentication, the great innovative power of the open-source technique used, the immediate deployability and the potential societal impact of IRMA greatly appealed to the jury. IRMA was therefore unanimously chosen by the jury as the winner of the Dutch Privacy Awards 2018.

Winners: 'Sleep Act students'

On the initiative of five Amsterdam students, a national referendum on the controversial new Intelligence and Security Services Act ('Sleepwet') will be held on 21 March. Regardless of the outcome of this referendum, it will lead to higher (and probably more critical) Dutch privacy awareness. This fact alone was a unanimous reason for the jury to reward these students with a Dutch Privacy Award (Aanmoedigingsprijs).


There are four categories for which entries could be nominated:

Consumer solutions category (from consumer businesses)

2. category Business solutions (within a company or business-to-business)

Government services category (from government for citizens) 3.

4. Incentive award for a pioneering technology or person.

From the various entries, the independent expert jury had determined the following nominees for each category:

Consumer solutions: Business solutions: Government departments:
IRMA (I Reveal My Attributes) TrustTester Youth Privacy Implementation Plan (Amsterdam municipality)
Schluss Personal Health Train  

During the National Privacy Conference all nominees presented their projects to the public through Award pitches. The awards were then presented. Click HERE for the entire jury report (pdf) with participation criteria and explanation of all nominees and winners.

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From left to right: Paul Korremans (jury member), Luca van der Kamp (referendum students), Esther Bloemen (Personal Health Train), Nina Boelsums (referendum students), Bas Filippini (jury chairman), Bart Jacobs (IRMA), Arjan van Diemen (TrustTester), Marie-José Hoefmans (Schluss) and Wilmar Hendriks (Youth Implementation Plan Privacy, Amsterdam municipality).  Photo: Maarten Tromp.

National Privacy Conference

The National Privacy Conference is an initiative of ECP|Platform for the Information Society and Privacy First. From now on, this conference brings together annually the Dutch business community, government, science and civil society to jointly build a privacy-friendly information society. Mission of the National Privacy Conference and the Dutch Privacy Awards is to develop the Netherlands into an international Privacy Guide Country. Privacy by design constitutes the key to this.

Speakers at the National Privacy Conference 2018 were:  

Aleid Wolfsen, chairman Personal Data Authority
Gerrit-Jan Zwenne, professor of Law and the Information Society (Leiden University)
Jaap-Henk Hoepman, associate professor Privacy by Design (Radboud University Nijmegen)

Ulco van de Pol, chairman Personal Data Commission Amsterdam  
Tim Toornvliet, Netherlands ICT
Lennart Huizing, Privacy Company.

SPF ECP PC2018 01 1200px

Aleid Wolfsen, chairman Personal Data Authority.  Photo: Maarten Tromp

Jury Dutch Privacy Awards

The Awards' independent expert jury consists of privacy experts from various sectors:
- Bas Filippini, founder and chairman Privacy First (jury chairman)
- Paul Korremans, data protection & security professional, Comfort Information Architects
- Marie-José Bonthuis, owner IT's Privacy
- Bart van der Sloot, senior researcher, Tilburg University
- Marjolein Lanzing, PhD candidate in Philosophy & Ethics, Eindhoven University of Technology.

To ensure that the election of the Awards is objective, the jury is not allowed to judge an entry from its own organisation.

Privacy First organises the Dutch Privacy Awards with support from Democracy & Media Foundation and Adessium Foundation, in collaboration with ECP. Would you also like to become a partner of the Dutch Privacy Awards? Then take contact on with Privacy First!