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Netherlands at bottom of European privacy rankings

Of all the countries in the European Union, privacy in the Netherlands (apart from Britain) is currently the worst. This is according to a large-scale survey by the British organisation Privacy International. There is "endemic surveillance" in as many as 10 areas in the Netherlands, including the biometric passport/ID card, data exchange, storage of communication data, medical and financial information, phone and internet taps and border control. Furthermore, the Netherlands has no effective constitutional protection in the area of privacy, insufficient judicial oversight and a lack of political leadership. Read HERE the entire research report.

Privacy International's findings confirm that a radical turnaround is needed in the Netherlands in the field of privacy protection: from 'worst practice' to 'best practice'. From "privacy developing country" to privacy guiding country. The Netherlands has the knowledge and resources to do this. Privacy First is happy to contribute to the necessary 'privacy U-turn'.