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Privacy First supports lawsuit Maes et al. against coronapas

Despite an urgent Privacy First Foundation's appeal to the House of Representatives to block the corona pass, the Dutch introduction of the "corona pass" from 25 September 2021 unfortunately seems to be a reality.

Privacy First expects this to lead to a two-tier society, discrimination, exclusion of vulnerable groups and violation of everyone's right to privacy. The coronapas also leads to vaccination coercion, which violates everyone's right to completely free disposal of his/her own body. This is incompatible with the right to bodily integrity and self-determination and fuels the undermining of our trust in the democratic rule of law, in which these fundamental rights are enshrined.

With massive degradation and violation of human rights looming, it is up to the courts to intervene and correct the government. In line with our statutory objective in the public interest, the current lawsuit by Bart Maes et al. to stop the coronapas therefore our full support.

Privacy First would like to stress that this is not a statement against vaccination (quite the contrary), but that it is crucial to fully respect and protect everyone's human rights, especially in this day and age. Critical voices, on whatever grounds, should be taken seriously and not dismissed on emotional grounds. Both in the short and long term, this is the best guarantee for an open, free and healthy society.