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Opposition to new Passport Act nears climax

Opposition to the new Passport Act is currently approaching a climax along four lines of attack:

1) The civil Passport process from Privacy First. A verdict in this case before the court in The Hague stands as yet scheduled for Wednesday 2 February as. In addition to a substantive judgment, the court could also possibly decide to issue a so-called 'preliminary question' on the matter in question to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg.

2) The administrative law Passport process of Louise van Luijk. The first court hearing in the case is scheduled scheduled for 15 February next., also before the court in The Hague. Given the factual and legal strength of both lawsuits, victories for both Privacy First and Louise are in the offing.

3) Swelling criticism of the new Passport Act from the House of Representatives. This criticism reached a new high last week through MPs Pierre Heijnen (Labour Party) and Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert (VVD).

4) Critical questions on the new Passport Act from the European Parliament. In answering these questions, although the European Commission dances traditionally beat around the bush. At the same time, however, there is no denying that with the new Passport Act, the Netherlands increasingly stands alone in Europe. The final word on this at the European level is therefore unsaid.

Only one question remains: Who will be the first to bring order to the Dutch passport drama? The courts or politicians?

* UPDATE 1 Feb 2011 * Indeed, the last word on this at European level has not yet been said: the European Commission still launches thorough investigation To the legality of the Dutch Passport Act!
* UPDATE 2 Feb 2011 * The Hague court has dismissed Privacy First and the co-plaintiffs in the civil Passport Litigation declared inadmissible. Privacy First is currently considering what next steps to take.
* UPDATE 3 Feb 2011 * Politics seems to be winning out over judge(s): in the House of Representatives A majority opposes The central storage of fingerprints!
* UPDATE 16 Feb 2011 * Privacy First goes into appeal against the inadmissibility in the court in the Passport trial.