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Passport trial: anticlimax at Supreme Court

Today, the Supreme Court issued an extremely disappointing ruling in our Passport Trial done by the whole thing rücksichtslos declare inadmissible; see At Privacy First, dejection currently prevails; further comments will follow in the middle of next week. Privacy First et al. will now consider possible steps towards the European Court of Human Rights, both for violation of privacy (art. 8 ECHR) and for lack of access to justice and an effective remedy (art. 6 and 13 ECHR). After all, the Supreme Court is shifting the hot potato to the administrative court, while in recent years the administrative court in fact proved incompetent to rule on central storage of fingerprints under the Passport Act and individual citizens can only go to the administrative court if they are willing to go through life without a passport for years.

Kafka squared, in other words.

To be continued.

Update 28 May 2015: Read HERE our further comments.