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Privacy First has a new chief executive

As of 1 February this year, the organisation of Privacy First Foundation has expanded with Godaya Komen as its new director. Godaya Komen is broad-based, having worked as a lawyer, local ombudswoman, mediator, project manager, editor-in-chief, writer and yoga teacher.

Godaya stands up for human rights and this starts with the right to privacy, because that is where your development as an individual begins and because this has been compromised in many areas in recent years. If we don't act now and work towards awareness on this, it will soon be too late. Godaya wishes to work with the Privacy First team to raise awareness, education and movement on this. She enjoys taking this up as a team and becoming a strong interlocutor for the government, for advocacy organisations, all people in the Netherlands and all donors. She represents the foundation internally and externally together with the board.

In the coming year, donations and fundraising, communication, finances and the further professionalisation of the foundation will be her focal points. Godaya invites everyone online or in the office to come and meet us, especially also organisations and individuals who want to actively use their talents for Privacy First or support us financially.

In good coordination with Vincent Böhre, Godaya will take over some of his work. Vincent Böhre, who has been with the foundation for more than 10 years, will step back a bit in the coming period and temporarily work part-time remotely. Vincent has kept many balls in the air for the foundation as a director and as a lawyer and wearing many other hats for many years. Privacy First is therefore pleased that he will be able to continue his work on our litigation, political lobbying, research and spokesperson activities.

Privacy First is working towards renewal in the coming period and also bears a warm heart towards everyone and everything that has already gone well in cooperation and connection.

Godaya Komem
Godaya Komen | photo: Wim van der Spiegel