Machine translations by Deepl, 4 April 2015: 'Foundation takes state to court over route controls'

The chairman of the Privacy First foundation, Bas Filippini, has instigated proceedings against the state. At stake are the route controls, which he says infringe on citizens' privacy and should therefore disappear.

RTL News reported on Saturday.

According to Filippini, the cameras at section controls record everyone who passes the cameras, not just road users speeding. The question now, according to Filippini, is whether this is just allowed.

"I would like to hear from the judge how far we should continue with this madness in the Netherlands to film and record every bit of public space in the Netherlands," he stated.

Good luck

According to his lawyer Benito Boer, Filippini stands a good chance with the proceedings. According to Boer, to be able to film anyone, a clear legal basis is needed that stipulates what happens to that data and how long it is kept. That legal basis is lacking, according to the lawyer.

To take the case to court, Filippini deliberately drove too fast on the A2 some time ago. He is now using the fine he received for this to sue the state and bring the legality of the route controls to court.

The prosecution did not want to comment on the substance of the case, as the court has yet to rule on it. The trial will be held on Tuesday, 28 April."

Source:, 4 April 2015.