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Volkskrant, 13 May 2015: 'Route check on A2 may be used'

"The section control system on the A2 may be used. The subdistrict court in Utrecht ruled that on Tuesday. 'There is a legal basis for it,' the judge concluded. Chairman Bas Filippini of the Privacy First foundation provoked a ruling on this by bringing a fine after a section control system before the court. According to him, the section control system violates the privacy of innocent motorists. A network of 150 to 200 route control cameras in the Netherlands also records their license plates. The subdistrict court found that the Police Act provides sufficient legal basis for the use of the current system. He stated that there is a 'minor invasion of privacy, the registration of non-offenders is deleted within 72 hours and road users are informed of the check by signs'. Privacy First calls the ruling 'a political verdict'."

Source: Volkskrant 13 May 2015, p. 4.